A candidate shall keep a minimum attendance of 85 percent of total number of working days prescribed in the year before he/she can be allowed to take the B.Ed. Examination.

a) The examination for part –I theory shall be taken after two terms attendance at the college.
b) The candidates are permitted to take part –II practical examination only after the completion of all the items in practical work fully.


Regulation-25: Candidate shall be declared to have pass the B.Ed. Degree examination if he/she has secured 40% separately in internal & External Assessment in each theory & Practical.
Regulation-22 ( a) Candidate appearing for the additional content course shall be declared to have passed if he/she secured separately in internal & External Assessment 40% in the Agregate. However, these marks shall not be counted for the total nor shall they be used for declaring the class.
Regulation-23: Successful candidate who secure the minimum as required by Regulation-22 in one attempt shall be classified in following manner:
Those securing :
70% & above in both theory & Practical First class with
in aggregate Distinction.
60% & above but below 70% in both
theory & Practical aggregate First class
50% & above but below 60% in both
theory & Practical aggregate Second class
40% & above but below 50% in both
theory & Practical aggregate Pass class
Regulation-24: Candidate who fail in the B.Ed. Examination may claim exemptions at their options at subsequent attempts in the subjects in which they have obtained 40% or more such candidates who pass in subsequent attempt/s however, will not be eligible for a class.

Regulation-25: Candidates who fail in the internal assessment in any subject/s will be permitted to improve his or her performance by completing the requirements during the subsequent academic year in the same college where they had studied. Such candidates who pass in the subsequent attempt/s however will not be eligible for a class.

Regulation-26: The internal assessment once awarded & if the candidate has passed in the internal assessment as per regulation-22 for any paper/s shall be retained even if the candidate takes the theory/ practical examination in that paper subsequently.

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